Here are some useful sites that will help you do your job at Pages. Thanks for all your hard work.

Inmate Locator: Follow the links on this site to see if a prisoner is still at the location on the return address of their letter or to find out the facility name for an inmate when they’ve only provided the address (or vise versa). You can also find the contact information for facilities if you need to contact one about returns.

Pages Database: This project, code named Testament, is the replacement for the paper card catalog. Use this to log books that have been sent to people, print invoices and labels, and to track returned packages.

BTP Testament User Guide: Overview and how-to instructions for using the database tracking system, Testament.  This guide was created by Bonnie of Louisiana Books2Prisoners in Fall 2023.

Pages Blogbook: Session by session comments for monitors and planning group; communication about needed materials, donation pick ups or mail runs, tech. issues, upcoming events (Pages related and other incarceration-related issues), and other miscellaneous queries and ideas.

U.S. books to prisoner programs:

Problems? Suggestions?

If you have problems with or suggestions about Pages’ electronic systems, or volunteering with us in general, leave a note on your volunteer sign-in sheet or email mwpp [at] pagestoprisoners.org